Episode 39: BP Top Ten Prospects List and Cubs Convention

The BP Top Ten is out and the guys run through some overall thoughts on the list, as well as some strong opinions by Isaac on one particular player.

Then we chat about some players to keep an eye on that didn’t make the top ten and why we like them.

We close it out with Ryan regaling us on his coverage of the Cubs Convention over the weekend.

P.S. We’re trying out a new piece of software, so please let us know if you like the sound on this one—it should be better than before.

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2 comments on “Episode 39: BP Top Ten Prospects List and Cubs Convention”


How does Eloy Jimenez compare to Jorge Soler as a prospect? Superficially they seem kind of similar – both big strong guys with lots of power, iffy baserunning and defense. Soler in the minors was lauded for his command of the strike zone, although it hasn’t quite panned out for him in the majors yet. Is Jimenez projected to be better? Obviously very early for him, but I was wondering.

Current thinking on Vic Caratini? Did his spring up his stock?

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