Game 46 Recap: Cleveland 1, Cubs 0

Pressure to perform was squarely put on the Chicago Cubs offense, especially as they were facing an opposing starting pitcher making only his second career start. Tonight’s 1-0 loss to Cleveland are the type of losses that prove costly when looking for wins in September. What You Need to Know: Cleveland starting pitcher Adam Plutko […]


The Báez Needle

You don’t need me to tell you what a unique player Javy Báez is. There are things he does that we simply haven’t seen before—from turning tagging a runner from mundane activity into water cooler discussion, to his baserunning instincts, to this. He’s what happens when you have a point guard on a baseball field, while […]


Q On Both Sides

I guess it’s Q-week in Fels’s world. Always nice to have a theme. I’m not saying anything surprising when I say that Jose Quintana has been a mystery so far this season. While his start this year doesn’t look all that different than his start last year, because it’s taking place on the upper side […]


Game 43 Recap: Cubs 10, Reds 0

What You Need To Know: PICTURED: Ian Happ and José Quintana For the record, this is the third straight recap I’ve done where the Cubs have scored 10+ runs. I’m not saying you should start a petition that I do every recap from here on out. But I’m not saying you shouldn’t either. Anyway, Hey […]


Game 42 Recap: Reds 5, Cubs 4

The first game of a doubleheader going to extras after your starter lasting only five innings is, uh, generally Not Great, and it certainly led to a frustrating loss this afternoon. What You Need To Know: Much of the game was a back-and-forth affair with the Reds taking the lead in the first and fourth […]


Game 41 Recap: Cubs 8, Reds 1

What You Need to Know: One day after a washed out game in Atlanta, rain again threatened the Cubs’ efforts to squeeze in a ballgame in Cincinnati. A 90-minute delay finally gave way to the game’s first pitch, and the game was in the Cubs’ hands shortly thereafter. The bats made Homer Bailey look like, […]

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