Game 69 Recap: Dodgers 4, Cubs 3

What You Need to Know: The afternoon after a thunderstorm and a power outage featured what should have been a sound victory over the Dodgers, as the bats hit in timely situations and the bullpen kept the thumpers in the L.A. lineup at bay. A disastrous ninth that can only be explained as bad managing and worse […]


MiLB First Half Review – A Few Bright Lights Shine Through

The Cubs’ MiLB system in the first half was not all sunshine, puppy dogs, and rainbows. It was rough at times to watch as a fan, especially in April. Between the cold, the poor hitting, and uneven performances, very few prospects were excelling on the mound or at the plate. Six weeks doesn’t seem like […]


Game 65 Recap: Brewers 1, Cubs 0

Oh good, another one of these. Joe Maddon decided to keep Kris Bryant out of the starting lineup for today’s finale against the Brewers after KB endured an 0-for-15 slump over the past four games. This has been one of Maddon’s favorite methods of lineup management with the idea being that Bryant has more time […]

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