MLB: St. Louis Cardinals at Chicago Cubs

Game 153 Recap: Cubs 5 Cardinals 0

Let’s go back to a conversation from July 2, 2013… THEO EPSTEIN: Dan! DAN DUQUETTE: Theo! What can I do for you? THEO: We’d love to acquire Jake Arrieta & Pedro Strop. Is there anything you guys are missing for the stretch run? (An uncomfortably long pause) DUQUETTE: …a racist? THEO: Have I got a […]


Things That Scare Me; Things That Don’t

Being something resembling a serious analyst essentially requires an immediate surrendering of your “fan card.” It is for good reason, as fans tend to see things through their own biased lenses, failing to care about rational analysis during emotional moments. At BP Wrigleyville, the majority—but not the entirety—of the staff are Cubs fans. We aren’t […]

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