Zack’s Sack: A Wrigleyville Mailbag, Vol. 2

Welcome to Zack’s Sack, Vol. 2! The best “Vol. 2” to be released in the past month or so, I assure you, and with Kris Bryant instead of Chris Pratt. Please submit your questions—Cubs questions, baseball history questions, or otherwise—to @beersntrumpets on Twitter. Questions posed by Twitter followers are unedited, in the interest of making […]


Game 46 Recap: Cubs 5, Giants 1

What You Need To Know: Eddie Butler was just a little better than Jeff Samardzija, only giving up one run while Shark gave up three solo homers on a day when both teams definitely had a plane to California to catch. From there Mike Montgomery got the old school save, pitching the last four innings on […]


I Can’t Help Falling In Love With Ian Happ

It’s a tendency of every fanbase—nothing unique to those on the North Side—to want to cling to every top prospect within the organization, regardless of the potential prize associated with surrendering one or many of them. Even if one could make the argument that it’s a tendency that just happens to be at least slightly […]


BP Wrigleycast Episode 46: Cubs playing better thanks to Zobrist and Happ

After a one month absence, Ryan and Isaac get together to chat about the recent HAPPenings with the Chicago Cubs. Jake Arrieta’s strong start against Milwaukee is discussed, which leads into more trade discussions about starting pitching. The guys also discuss the hot bats of Ben Zobrist and rookie Ian Happ, and later go into […]

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