Johnson, Developing as a Reliever, Awaits Wrigley Call

Pierce Johnson, it seems like for as long as we can remember, has been the Cubs’ pitching prospect. At a time when hitters dominated the ranks of Chicago’s minor league system, and not to mention all the headlines, Johnson was alone on the pitching side. The hitters have graduated, but Johnson’s trajectory toward the big leagues […]

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Young Cubs: Taking Stock

As farm systems are wont to do, the Cubs farm system has undergone several facelifts over the past few years. The face of the system has moved in quick succession from Javier Baez to Albert Almora to Kris Bryant to Kyle Schwarber to Willson Contreras (with Jorge Soler and Addison Russell nestled in between). This […]

marquee young cubs

Started From the Bottom, Not Yet Here: The Cubs’ Low-Level Pitching

The Cubs’ system isn’t exactly loaded with top-end pitching talent, especially at the upper levels, but don’t ever let anyone tell you that the Cubs don’t have any potential starting pitchers in the minors. Since Theo Epstein and company took over before the 2012 draft, the Cubs have made it clear that their plan is […]