BP Wrigleyville Wants You!

BP Wrigleyville is looking to add aspiring writers to our staff on an intern basis. For three years now, BP Wrigleyville has sought to provide unique, critical perspectives on the Chicago Cubs, and we are eyeing 2018 with the goal of both continuing the excellent work that our writers have produced, while striking out in bold, creative directions. This is your opportunity to be involved in both of those pursuits!

If you are interested in a position, please send an email entitled “BP Wrigleyville Application—(Your Name)” to wrigleyvilleeditors@gmail.com by 11:59 pm Central, December 31st (don’t accuse us of not having a flair for the dramatic). Please include the following in your application email:

  1. A short introduction and an explanation of why you would like to write for Wrigleyville.
  2. A resume highlighting your writing experience, if any, and other experience that might aid in a unique perspective when writing about the Cubs. This need not be formal, just clear and concise!
  3. A writing sample or two. This can be baseball-related or not, and if you think that your writing about other subjects would translate well to Cubs writing, feel free to include a sample of that type. If you do not have previous writing experience, you are welcome to submit a 500-word (or fewer) sample of the type of work you would want to do for Wrigleyville. Web links, attached Word docs, or emailed text are all acceptable.
  4. A brief description of how often you expect to contribute (e.g. weekly, irregularly, etc.), if you have an idea. This will not negatively affect your chances of being selected; it’s just nice to know.

There are a few things that we would like to emphasize. You do not need to have formal, or even informal, writing experience to apply for this position, nor do you need to be a Cubs fan. We are looking for writers who desire to write in many different ways about the Cubs: historically, analytically, whimsically; about prospects, about fandom, about Wrigley Field; while engaging with social issues, culture, or larger themes. BP Wrigleyville also strongly encourages those from perspectives and backgrounds historically underrepresented in the baseball writing community to apply.

Finally, and importantly, this is an “internship” position. Those hired will be unpaid, and contribute as often as they are able. Those who contribute regularly will likely have the opportunity to become a staff writer. If this is prohibitive to you, we understand.

We look forward to hearing from you,

Nate Greabe and Zack Moser, BP Wrigleyville Co-Editors-in-Chief

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