Kyle Schwarber Is a Great Platoon Player—The Cubs Should Use Him Like One

Ever since Theo Epstein took the podium the Wednesday following the Cubs’ Wild Card game loss to Colorado, there’s been speculation about which players he had in mind when saying the club needed to “stop evaluating this in terms of talent and start evaluating in terms of production.” Even before those comments, I posited that […]


If the Cubs Lose the Division, It’s Not Because of the Weather, Pt. 2: Catcher

Yesterday, we published the first of three parts in this series considering the preventable causes for this disappointing Cubs season. Identified in that part were two pitching-related causes: the domino effects of Tyler Chatwood’s poor pitching, and a bullpen that quickly found itself logging too many innings while striking out too few hitters. Today’s entry focuses on a […]


Addison Russell’s Ex-Wife, Melisa, Posts Account of Russell’s Abuse

(Content warning: abuse, domestic abuse, domestic violence) On Wednesday, Melisa Reidy posted on her WordPress blog an account of Addison Russell’s abuse during their marriage. This follows her initial Instagram post from June 2017, accusing Russell of cheating on her and lying to her. On that post, since deleted, Reidy’s friend commented that Russell had abused Reidy. […]


Game 128 Recap: Cubs 10, Reds 6

What You Need to Know: It was a slow-burning offensive day for the Cubs, but the team eventually heated up enough to put the game safely out of reach by the time José Quintana exited the game in the sixth. Three homers headlined, as Daniel Murphy, Kyle Schwarber, and Javier Báez all left the yard. […]


Cubs Acquire Daniel Murphy, Fans Collectively Scratch Heads

Whatever the reasoning, the Cubs have acquired former Mets and Nationals second baseman Daniel Murphy in a waiver deal, as first reported by the Athletic’s Robert Murray. Murphy is also known for his reprehensible, hateful comments in 2015, when he stated that he “disagree[s] with the fact that [former MLB player and MLB Ambassador for Inclusion Billy Bean] […]