BP Wrigleycast: Episode 43 – Cubs raise banner, baseball feels different, week 1 thoughts

Real baseball that actually counts is back! The guys discuss what (if anything) has changed now that a World Series titled has been accomplished. Then they discuss some quick hits from the early season. From Heyward’s bat to Almora’s glove, there are some early signs that everything is going to be OK. Tommy Birch joins […]


The Fantasy Roundtable

The following is a fantasy roundtable featuring several of BP Wrigleyville’s authors. Each was asked to focus on a Cubs player they expect to over/under perform, or one who is not on the radar, but should be. For further reading, check out the fantasy previews from our friends at BP Bronx, BP Toronto and BP Milwaukee. […]


What’s the Best Path for the Redbirds?

This piece was co-written by Wrigleyville’s Isaac Bennett and Tommy Meyers. The Cardinals’ recent signing of Brett Cecil for four years and $30.5 million led to some disparate reactions between BP-Wrigleyville writers. It wasn’t Cecil himself that sparked controversy, nor the details of the contract—which was the kind of deal early in the offseason that’s […]