The Strop Abides

If you’re a frequent reader of sites like BP Wrigleyville, chances are that you already knew Pedro Strop was cool before this year. That’s how good Strop has been over the past five seasons—he’s one of the only relievers in baseball who has his own group of hipsters. Someday soon, you’ll walk past The Cubby […]


Game 127 Recap: Cubs 3, Reds 2

That might be the first time I’ve ever seen a player rounding third on a walk-off home run with a facial expression that said, “*Sigh*… Haven’t we done this before?” Let the record show that I am perfectly fine with David Bote making #WalkoffYAWN a thing. What You Need to Know: Hey, remember when the […]


Game 118 Recap: Brewers 7, Cubs 0

As the Brewers took a 7-0 lead into the ninth inning, a voice wearing the number 13 jersey inside the Cubs dugout could be heard whispering, “I accept your challenge.” What You Need to Know: If you get your baseball news from anywhere other than #cubstwitter, you’d know that the Cubs still have the best […]


Game 106 Recap: Pirates 5, Cubs 4, Replay 0

They say you can learn something new at every baseball game, and that certainly held true tonight. For example, before this evening’s Cubs/Pirates clash, did you know that if TV can’t show an angle that definitely shows Addison Russell was out at third base in the ninth inning, the MLB replay office can just make […]

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Game 94 Recap: Cubs 9, Cardinals 6

Before their first game back from the All-Star break, the Cubs announced that Brandon Morrow was returning to the 10 Day Disabled List. Which activated an obscure clause in his two-year deal making him the first player in Major League History to be contractually forbidden from wearing pants. Purely for his health, the Cubs also […]