Could Free Agency Be the New Market Inefficiency for the Cubs?

One of the nice things about rooting for a team with as checkered a history as the Cubs possess is that it gives us a never-ending series of metaphors to describe the baseball winter of 2017-18. For instance… This slothful offseason has been like watching Hector Villanueva leg out a triple. The hot stove has […]


2017 Player Profile: Kris Bryant

Position: Third base, occasionally outfield 2017 Stats: .295/.409/.537, 29 HR, 6.6 WARP Year in Review: For most of 2017, the narrative surrounding Kris Bryant was that he was enduring a down year following his 2016 MVP season. For good measure, some of Cubs Twitter spent most of the summer looking at his 73 RBI and his […]


NLCS Game 5: Dodgers 11, Cubs 1

It is official. We now have scientific proof. 2016 >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> 2017. Unfortunately, the 2017 Dodgers are also > the 2017 Cubs. Tonight was going to be a tough task with the Cubs taking on Clayton Kershaw in an elimination game. As you know, Kershaw is the modern day Sandy Koufax, so the best conceivable strategy […]