Game 65 Recap: Brewers 1, Cubs 0

Oh good, another one of these. Joe Maddon decided to keep Kris Bryant out of the starting lineup for today’s finale against the Brewers after KB endured an 0-for-15 slump over the past four games. This has been one of Maddon’s favorite methods of lineup management with the idea being that Bryant has more time […]


Game 50 Recap: Cubs 7, Pirates 0

Today the Cubs and Pirates celebrated Memorial Day in the traditional manner that MLB knows best: commemorative camo green uniforms and caps. MEL BROOKS VOICE: Merchandising! Where the real money from the day of solemn observance is made! And it was appropriate that the Cubs spent a holiday dedicated to somber remembrance in Pittsburgh. Because as […]


The Contradictory Joe Maddon

It’s something of a surprise to be reminded that Joe Maddon was the oldest active manager in Major League Baseball at the start of the 2018 season. For one thing, the game is still populated by people like Clint Hurdle and the Pittsburgh Pirates who certainly feel older than Maddon and always seem to be […]


Game 20 Recap: Cubs 10, Cleveland 3

To hell with Disney World. If your kids ever ask to go to the Happiest Place on Earth, take them to Cleveland. And when they burst out crying, calmly explain to them that we have tangible proof that it’s the only city on the planet where dreams actually come true. Tonight the Cubs returned to […]