Jason Heyward Is Who We Thought He Was

It’s easy to understand why people with North Side loyalties are conflicted when broaching the subject¬†of Jason Heyward. On one hand, it’s easy to get excited about everything he does well offensively because there was such limited success on that side in 2016. On the other, there’s the snakebitten element of him, as seemingly every […]


I Can’t Help Falling In Love With Ian Happ

It’s a tendency of every fanbase—nothing unique to those on the North Side—to want to cling to every top prospect within the organization, regardless of the potential prize associated with surrendering one or many of them. Even if one could make the argument that it’s a tendency that just happens to be at least slightly […]


Where Should Cubs’ Starting Pitching Concerns Be Focused?

The Chicago Cubs are not in a good place right now. They’re under .500, and there isn’t an area of the game in which anyone can declare that they’re actually excelling at this point. Despite some solid individual offensive and defensive performance, they haven’t put things together as a group in either respect. Same goes […]