Face of the Philosophy: Schwarber’s (Not So) Hidden Strength

Kyle Schwarber led off the final inning of 2016 with an outlandish degree of confidence. He reportedly strode to the batter’s box, nonchalantly reassuring Mike Borzello, “Borzy, I’ve got this. Don’t worry. I’m locked in.” Naturally, he was right. It’s a special twenty-three-year-old who can bring that kind of self-assurance – and deliver – in […]


A Brief Exploration of the Cubs’ Catching Depth

While the Cubs will head into the 2017 season with their lineup looking much the same way as it was for the bulk of last season, there’s still some intrigue about certain aspects of the roster. Centerfield is an interesting situation, and the return of Kyle Schwarber has obviously provided shiploads of buzz about of left field. […]


Signs Point to Defensive Growth in Cubs’ Outfield

The Chicago Cubs have received a great deal of praise over the past calendar year for their defense, and it’s with good reason that they’re constantly lauded for what they achieve with the leather. This is especially true of the infield. When you’re talking about a group that includes Gold Glover Anthony Rizzo, a player […]


Cactus Catchup: The Walk Before the Squat

This post-World Series offseason was the shortest in Cubs history, but in many (many) ways it felt very long. On Tuesday, though, at least a light semblance of baseball returned, and to the relief of fans everywhere. The Cubs are back in Mesa, and that means the return of our Cactus Catchup series, in which we’ll […]