Schwarber Demotion, Heyward Injury Pressure Cubs to Remake Outfield

We here at BP Wrigleyville are allergic to the hot take. We prefer measured analysis, historical analysis, analysis of analyses. We don’t publish news, we don’t break news, we rarely comment on players being sent down or called up, except in the instance of them being parts of larger processes. But, oh boy, Kyle Schwarber […]


Schwarber and the Shift

By one measure, Kyle Schwarber’s performance in May was historic. It wasn’t his 51 wRC+, or his .120 batting average, which were bad, but hardly remarkable given that worse marks in both categories have already been posted this season (if you think Schwarber was an ineffective leadoff hitter, Royals leadoff man Alcides Escobar has a […]

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How the Outfield Is to Blame for the Cubs’ Slow Start, or: The Outfield Is Slowly Killing Us All

Sunday night’s marathon game at Wrigley Field offered fans a bevy of interesting, weird, and quirky things to see. The single-game strikeout record fell. The Cubs tied the game in the ninth against Aroldis Chapman. Aaron Hicks lost a Javier Baez home run in the twilit Chicago sky, throwing up his arms in surrender. Oh, […]