Spreading The Love: The Cubs and Plate Appearances

There’s certainly a lot that’s unique about the Cubs. For three years now, we’ve wondered how the Cubs will cram in ABs for all the players they have. And generally, it’s worked itself out. While we complain about teams having three- or four-man benches these days thanks to bloated bullpens and injuries and a terror […]


Game 58 Recap: Phillies 3, Cubs 4

What You Need To Know: Ride the Chatwood Snake (are we still doing phrasing?). You’ve seen this start before. Tyler Chatwood is so bad it’s good, like pizza or comedy (or other stuff). He walked seven while getting 14 outs, but because he was so all over the place the Phillies couldn’t zero in on anything […]


The Báez Needle

You don’t need me to tell you what a unique player Javy Báez is. There are things he does that we simply haven’t seen before—from turning tagging a runner from mundane activity into water cooler discussion, to his baserunning instincts, to this. He’s what happens when you have a point guard on a baseball field, while […]


Q On Both Sides

I guess it’s Q-week in Fels’s world. Always nice to have a theme. I’m not saying anything surprising when I say that Jose Quintana has been a mystery so far this season. While his start this year doesn’t look all that different than his start last year, because it’s taking place on the upper side […]


Game 43 Recap: Cubs 10, Reds 0

What You Need To Know: PICTURED: Ian Happ and José Quintana For the record, this is the third straight recap I’ve done where the Cubs have scored 10+ runs. I’m not saying you should start a petition that I do every recap from here on out. But I’m not saying you shouldn’t either. Anyway, Hey […]


Defending Q

If you’ve followed my hockey writing at all, you know that’s a weird sentence for me to write. But we’ll get past it. The past 48 hours have seen a lot of gas pockets bellowing due to Jose Quintana’s wonky start to against the Braves and his wonky start to the season. Now, it’s not […]