Game 129 Recap: Cubs 9, Reds 0

What You Need To Know: On a day that felt like trying to walk through a carwash filled with chicken noodle soup, Kyle Hendricks was basically untouchable. Certainly untouchable to a Reds team that looks like it already has the bus running on the season. Nothing is going right for Homer Bailey, and that continued early […]


Is David Bote For Real?

In reality, it doesn’t matter if he is or not in one sense. David Bote has provided us all a moment from this season we’ll never forget. The kind of fairy tale that’s so preposterous you really can’t believe it actually happened. Anything that sprung out of your imagination in your living room or backyard […]


Game 116 Recap: Nationals 9, Cubs 4

What You Need To Know:   Next Level: Well, it seems we do this after every Lester start the past month, but there’s no reason to start anywhere else. Eight earned runs while getting 11 outs. In 32 and 2/3rds innings since July 1st, he’s given up 35 earned runs. I don’t need to do the […]