Cubs Hope It Blows Over, It Doesn’t

For an organization that, at least on the surface, has so many smart people running it, and in a time where everyone has had an ample sampling of other organizations trying to do so with balloon hands, it’s kind of amazing/startling/wholly disappointing that today’s presser was the best the Cubs could come up with today in […]


Game 146 Recap: Cubs 4, Nationals 3

What You Need To Know: In a make-up game that neither team wanted to play and no one wanted to watch, the Cubs easily cruised to a one-run win that was never all that tense and got out of D.C. and back to Chicago about as cleanly as could be asked in this piss-poor situation. What’re […]


The Bullpen And September, A Rough Nexus

With the NL Central race having gone the opposite way we’d hoped (and thought, really), there are rising blood pressures and clenching… well, you know what’s clenching, around the Northside and Greater Cubdom. And it goes beyond just gaining a third-straight division crown. The concerns extend into October, because after all, it’s that upon which the Cubs’ success […]


Game 141 Recap: Nationals 10, Cubs 3

What You Need To Know:  Next Level: There’s no question the MLB handled last night’s… what-have-ya in the most balloon-handed fashion possible. The game should have never started. They should have started again when they could have late. More the former than the latter. And it’s easy to shout at the rain that MLB cost the Cubs this […]


Is Javy Báez The NL MVP?

I’ll get this out up front so there’s no misunderstanding: I always hate these discussions. To me, all four pro leagues on this continent should take a cue from the rest of the world and rename the award “Player Of The Year.” Because that’s really what it is. With this nebulous, winking, “most valuable” label, […]