A Win For The Olds: Nick Markakis

The prevailing wisdom around baseball these days is that once you turn 32, you better get ready to star in a comedy with Kevin Kline or Michael Caine. The velocity-revolution has left those without the quickest of twitch muscles behind, and as players come to the majors quicker and at younger ages than before, they’re dragging the […]


Kyle Hendricks’s Version Of Miniaturization

Kyle Hendricks’s 2018 looked a bit like his 2017. And I think this is probably something that we’re always going to see with The Cerebral Assassin. His first half and second half didn’t have the pronounced differences that 2017 had, but they were there. Hendricks was ok-to-good in the first half. He was dominant in the […]

MLB: Cincinnati Reds at Chicago Cubs

The Cubs And Astros: Forever Linked And Closer Than You Might Think

It’s not just Sports Illustrated that put these two organizations in the same breath. Both teams started their total rebuild about the same time. Both hired their new front office on almost the same day (Theo Epstein and Jed Hoyer were brought in in November of 2011, Jeff Luhnow in December). Both teams were somewhat […]