Game 85 Recap: Reds 3, Cubs 2

What You Need To Know: All good things must end. The Cubs six-game winning streak came to an end as Mike Montgomery couldn’t quite dance with Tyler Mahle on one of those strange summer days that’s warm but the wind howls in from the lake. And though the winds and air said “Do Not Enter,” the Cubs […]


Game 83 Recap: Cubs 5, Tigers 3

What You Need To Know: If you were hoping for an easy, I’ve-Figured-It-Out Kyle Hendricks ride, you didn’t get it. Hendricks got paper cut to death in the first, with only one hard-hit ball accounting for the two runs against. But he hung in there—which he’s basically been forced to do all season—didn’t pitch enough innings—which everyone […]


Game 71 Recap: Cubs 4, Dodgers 0

What You Need To Know: If you were to sketch out what a Cubs win on a Jon Lester start looks like, it would probably be exactly this. He doesn’t strike anyone out, there’s a lot of loud contact, but the Cubs play great defense behind him with notable catches/plays from Kyle Schwarber, Albert Almora, Jason […]


Game 60 Recap: Cubs 3, Pirates 1

What  You Need To Know: When a team gets really rolling, it doesn’t win every game by 10 (unless it’s 2016). A rolling team can methodically rack up wins and surge up the standings, though. That’s what the Cubs are doing at the moment. Mike Montgomery did more floating like a butterfly than stinging like a bee […]