The Complexity Of Flexibility

I like to get cute with my titles. What of it? The past two years, we’ve marveled at the flexibility of the Cubs roster. This guy can play here! This guy can play there! This guy over here can play both and more! We should have been referring to everyone as Optimus or Mystique. Actually, […]


Game 46 Recap: Cubs 5, Giants 1

What You Need To Know: Eddie Butler was just a little better than Jeff Samardzija, only giving up one run while Shark gave up three solo homers on a day when both teams definitely had a plane to California to catch. From there Mike Montgomery got the old school save, pitching the last four innings on […]


Glove Slap, Baby Glove Slap

We all made assumptions about the Cubs this year. And it’s far too early to say any of them are going to turn out to be wrong. A quarter of a baseball season is hardly enough to judge. But we’re all sitting here, with nothing much to do, and I’d rather be writing something than […]


Game 39 Recap: Cubs 7, Reds 5

What You Need To Know: For the second night in a row, the Cubs treated a Reds starter like a…. well, Reds starter. This time it was Scott Feldman (or if you prefer the Professor Frink pronunciation: Scott FELDMANHOOOYEGLEYBANWITHTHEBADBREAKINGSTUFFTHATGOESHOYVEN!) whom the Cubs treated like a whoopee cushion and put a touchdown on in just eight outs. […]