Jason Heyward Is Goin’ Through Them Changes

BP should always put a disclaimer on anything we write before like, May 1st, that stipulates were dealing with tiny sample sizes when considering the whole of a baseball season. But they don’t, so now I’ve just done that. You’ve been disclaimed. Or I have. I don’t really know who claims the disclaiming but let’s […]


Game 12 Recap: Pirates 6, Cubs 1

What You Need To Know: Justin Wilson reverted to Justin Wilson-ing in the seventh, after the lovely two week vacation we got from that to start the season. He was walk-happy, and by the time he realized he had to come over the plate, Francisco “I’ma Turn Into Johnny Bench’s  And Carlton Fisk’s Lovechild For This Series” […]


Game 4 Recap: Marlins 6, Cubs 0

Well that’s a funny-looking strike. The Cubs didn’t play very well today. They didn’t really play very well all series, except for the ‘pen. Not necessarily bad, just not tight. And today it was loose. Like Iggy Pop loose. And it leaves them with a split with the Marlins, which—even though it’s only 1/40th of […]

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Game 1 Recap: Cubs 8, Marlins 4

And the pig has been kicked! Not the cleanest effort, but it didn’t have to be. What You Need To Know: This Cubs offense is going to be a problem for just about anyone who comes across it. It’s a major crisis for a team that punted on the opportunity to field a major league team […]


If They Had To Do It All Over Again…

Amongst the tributes and Twitter videos, of which I certainly haven’t watched all or anything, I suppose at some point some people would ask if the Cubs saw the market developing this way. With Arrieta finally signing two weeks int march for only three years, Lance Lynn nabbing a mere one-year deal, and Alex Cobb […]


My Mind Is Going Through Them Swing Changes, I’m Going Right Out Of My Mind

For the second consecutive spring, one of the biggest stories, and one of the more watched aspects in Mesa, is the changes (and resulting effects) of Jason Heyward’s swing. The study of hand-placement, starting points, stride, has gone so far beyond Zapruder-like that even the most closeted conspiracy theorist is saying, “Man, those guys are weird!” […]