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BP Digital Magazine: Cubs Midseason Update Edition

It’s been a fun season on the North Side of Chicago. For the first time since 2008, the Cubs are relevant, and their young core has them in position to make it to the playoffs—and possibly the promised land—come October. The starting pitching has been excellent, the bullpen inconsistent at times but with flashes of brilliance, and the hitting has been everything you’d expect young hitting to be.

We here at BP Wrigleyville hope you’ve enjoyed the pieces we’ve written for you on this site, and thought you might enjoy the opportunity to read some of our longform writing. These are pieces that don’t necessarily focus on the day-to-day ups and downs, but rather zoom out a little to take a look at some bigger picture stories going on in the Cubs universe. We’ve put together a few of these stories—all new, all never-published—into a BP Wrigleyville Digital Magazine.

Follow Rian Watt as he tells the story of Anthony Rizzo, who is hitting things that mere mortals can’t. With Andrew Felper, dive deeply into the stories of Miguel Montero and Dexter Fowler. Take long hard look at the Cubs’ record in one-run games with Scott Lindholm. Consider that the playoffs—yes, the real playoffs!—might be a real possibility this year with Matt Trueblood. Follow the next wave of prospects with Mauricio Rubio’s Mideason Top 10 Prospects. Look into the story of everyone’s favorite left-fielder, Chris Coghlan, with Cat Garcia. And read Wrigleyville’s site leader, Sahadev Sharma, on what PECOTA has to say about the Cubs going forward.

There’s a lot there. There’s a lot to unpack. But that’s baseball, that’s this season, and that’s life. We hope you enjoy the magazine, and we hope you enjoy the work we put out here every day. You can download the Digital Magazine for iPhone, iPad, or Android.┬áThank you.

Lead photo courtesy of Kamil Krzaczynski-USA TODAY Sports

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Jamie Paul

Wow, thank you! This is great and I can’t wait to settle in on a comfy couch to indulge.

Rian Watt

So glad to hear it! Enjoy!

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