Transaction Analysis: Cubs Acquire Joe Smith

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Chicago Cubs: Acquired RHP Joe Smith from Los Angeles Angels in exchange for RHP Jesus Castillo. [8/1]

The real issue, of course, isn’t that Joe Smith will have to change his name again. It’s that no one watches Angels baseball now, but everyone is going to watch the Cubs come October. Joe will be on the mound in a critical inning, and we’ll see the slightest flinch before a wild pitch. We’ll attribute it to postseason nerves or a momentary misfire of the body, but the chill runs deeper and terrifies more completely than we’ll know.

Is this the pitch? Is this the close up where the broadcast camera lingers a moment too long and suddenly, Vinny will look up at his TV, and recognize me as the accountant who got in too deep and ultimately turned state’s evidence in exchange for a new name and a new future?” Somewhere in the back room of a New Jersey Italian restaurant, Vinny squints up at that TV, before turning to a mustachioed confidant and nodding. “That’s him.” At least Joe will get a ring. And the Cubs will get another bullpen piece for Joe Maddon to play with. Sure Smith’s home run rate is up and his strikeout rate is down, but he gets grounders, and I guess you can’t really have enough bullpen help.

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Lead photo courtesy Denny Medley—USA Today Sports.

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Is there any real analysis of the cubs trade, or just the stereotypical view of Italians? I like the attempt at humor, but would be better as a side dish rather than the entree.

Jared Wyllys

Make sure to click on the link to the rest of the piece on the main site. This is just an excerpt preview.


What’s posted here is the entire Cubs portion of the TA, minus the Joe Smith fantasy impact (I mean seriously, who has Joe Smith on their fantasy roster anyway? :-P)

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