Game 12 Recap: Pirates 6, Cubs 1

What You Need To Know: Justin Wilson reverted to Justin Wilson-ing in the seventh, after the lovely two week vacation we got from that to start the season. He was walk-happy, and by the time he realized he had to come over the plate, Francisco “I’ma Turn Into Johnny Bench’s  And Carlton Fisk’s Lovechild For This Series” Cervelli (there’s an image for you) dealt the hammer blow into the left field bleachers. The Cubs offense did what it’s been doing most of the season, getting a couple looks but never finishing.

Next Level: What was truly infuriating about Wilson’s outing was that he had Josh Bell 0-2 and Corey Dickerson 1-2 before allowing them to waltz on base. Gregory Polanco did homer off of him, but apparently that’s just a thing he’s going to do to the Cubs now. 3-1 was hardly an insurmountable lead, but when you’re a pitcher ahead of hitters in the count, you have to put them away. Wilson didn’t, and then he was looking far out into the pasture behind him and that’s that.

This kind of mirrors what the Cubs offense did today, as they left seven on base in total. They had two on and two out in the first, and a runner on second with less than two out twice more, and got zilch out of those. I hardly think this is a trend—just a two week spasm—but it does get annoying, no? Gey, they only struck out six times, so that’s a plus?

Hendricks wasn’t as sharp as we’ve seen him, but two runs over six innings is what you ask for. He even got a big K on a curveball, though it was only to the pitcher. This was something he said he was going to try and do more of, and he did throw nine of them today which seems higher than normal for him. The three walks for him is a touch high, but the zone today was definitely a bit tight.

Zobrist and Russell were your main culprits today, as they combined to leave on all seven runners the Cubs couldn’t bring into safety. Credit Trevor Williams.

Kris Bryant is on pace for 54 errors this year. That seems like a lot. Is that a lot?

Top WPA Play: Schwarber’s bomb in the 4th that tied it at one (+.131).

Bottom WPA Play: Cerveilli’s crusher in the 6th that plated three (-.155).


Lead photo courtesy Jim Young—USA Today Sports

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To be fair, all those walks were intentional….

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