For Willson Contreras, It’s Not All About the Long Ball

Last Saturday, Willson Contreras hit this opposite-field homer off an Anthony DeSclafani slider. Thanks to the soft skin of home plate umpire Gary Gibson and the Cubs ultimately falling for the third straight time to the last-place Reds, Contreras’s second-inning shot was nowhere near the most newsworthy thing that happened in that game. But the […]


Game 17 Recap: Cubs 16, Rockies 5

In an era where every pitch thrown, every brush of bat against ball, seemingly every breath taken by big leaguers is immediately measured and categorized and dissected, it’s refreshing to witness something that cannot be quantified. Javier Baez’s baseball instincts are unparalleled, and they were on full display on Friday night in the Cubs’ 16-5 […]


Game 6 Recap: Cubs 8, Brewers 0

There’s something about rain delays. Everybody knows the story of the Cubs rallying to win the World Series after a 17-minute rain delay and some inspiring words from Jason Heyward during a player’s only meeting. It’s one of the more overplayed narratives of Cubs 2016 World Series lore, and even inspired an NBC documentary called […]