Theo the Trader: Evaluating Epstein’s Trades During His Cubs Tenure

There was a time when baseball fans joked, “Why would anyone ever work a deal with Billy Beane? Beane wins every time.” In evaluating Theo Epstein’s performance as an exchanger of talent on the Cubs behalf, the same question holds true. For every significant Cubs trade transaction in which Epstein has been involved, it seems […]

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Formed in His Image

Formed in his Image How Theo Epstein rebuilt the Cubs’ financial statements, and why his decisions might bring billions.   As Theo Epstein guides the Cubs organization into his fourth season with the Chicago Cubs, the team that emerges from the dugout looks nothing like the team that he inherited in October 2011. In fact, […]

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The Case to Trade Starlin Castro

Starlin Castro is a very good player. As Cubs fans, we are very lucky because he is a homegrown talent who signed a team-friendly contract extension; which makes him young, cheap, and under long-term control. I know all of these things are true because people constantly say them. On sports radio, on team broadcasts, and […]