MLB: World Series-Chicago Cubs at Cleveland Indians

Second City November: Bombs Away and a Forced Game Seven

Let’s hear it for the blowout Game Six. We’re all familiar with the tight Game Six that sends the series to an extra game: the Cardinals breaking the Rangers’ hearts in 2011, the Bloody Sock Game in the 2004 ALCS, the Angels’ comeback in 2002. Historic games all, swinging the momentum of a series dramatically. Undoubtedly worth […]


Second City October: What I Am, You Will Be—The Giants Meet the Cubs

Is 2016 richer in intriguing potential playoff series than previous years have been? It certainly seems like it, even without intriguing, now-impossible series like Nationals-Orioles or Cubs-Mets (the 1969 pennant race redux). Already, with Rangers-Blue Jays, we have a rematch of a highly charged playoff from last year, with bad blood spilling into the current season. […]


Why Do We Care About Bandwagon Fans?

By clinching their postseason spot before any other team, the Cubs earned a special privilege: first crack at The Bandwagon Conversation. Even as people were gathering in celebration around a vacant Wrigley Field, others were noting archly that many of them were Johnnies-come-lately who only started following the team when it was clear this year’s […]