Second City October: NLCS Game Five, The Climb

In what was likely Jake Arrieta’s final start as a Cub, he managed to stave off elimination for one more day. It was a fitting sendoff for a guy whose last four years have rivaled Greg Maddux’s best four years with the Cubs. Without Javier Baez’s pair of dingers and leaping catch on an errant […]


What the Heck Is Going On: A Quick Look Ahead at the NLCS

Whew. If you’re reading this, the Cubs (somehow, barely, and very questionably) did what they needed to do against a great, great Nationals team after a great, great series. And now it’s Friday, and we’re all guzzling coffee, rubbing our eyes, and wondering what’s next. For the Los Angeles Dodgers, once again the Cubs’ NLCS […]


Second City October: NLDS Game Four, Nationals (1-2) at Cubs (2-1)

The Cubs have an opportunity to wrap up this instantly classic series on Tuesday evening after snatching a victory from the clutches of Max Scherzer on Monday. The Cubs need only win one of the next two games, and they have their first crack at a clinch at Wrigley Field with Jake Arrieta on the […]


Second City October: NLDS Game Two, Cubs (1-0) at Nationals (0-1)

The Cubs and Kyle Hendricks stole Game One from a dominant Stephen Strasburg, which makes winning Game Two a bit less desperate. Strictly speaking, the Cubs already got their one required win in Washington, and this is not a must-win game. That’s a boring way of thinking, though, and today the Cubs are in position […]


Second City November: World Series Game Six Preview, Cubs (2-3) at Cleveland (3-2)

Second City November. For all that a Cubs World Series provokes a constant parade of precious, sepia-toned comparisons to the world as it was in years of past glory, baseball this late in the calendar year is entirely without parallel for the Cubs as a franchise. Perhaps you haven’t heard, but back in 1908, we hadn’t yet invented […]


Second City October: State of the World Series—We’re Back, Baby

The Cubs finally sent the Wrigley faithful home with a home victory on Sunday night, the satisfying result of an ulcer-inducing crucible of a World Series game. It was yet another in a series of “first since X” Cubs World Series feats—the first home World Series win since 1945, of course—and those who have watched […]


Second City October: World Series Game Five Preview, Cleveland (3-1) at Cubs (1-3)

Here, almost as succinctly as I can put it, is everything we know about Game Five: It will be October 30th, the latest in the year the Cubs have played a game in franchise history. Jon Lester will start against Trevor Bauer, so the Cubs will once again have the advantage in the pitching matchup, playoff […]