Second City November: World Series Game Six Preview, Cubs (2-3) at Cleveland (3-2)

Second City November. For all that a Cubs World Series provokes a constant parade of precious, sepia-toned comparisons to the world as it was in years of past glory, baseball this late in the calendar year is entirely without parallel for the Cubs as a franchise. Perhaps you haven’t heard, but back in 1908, we hadn’t yet invented […]


Second City October: State of the World Series—We’re Back, Baby

The Cubs finally sent the Wrigley faithful home with a home victory on Sunday night, the satisfying result of an ulcer-inducing crucible of a World Series game. It was yet another in a series of “first since X” Cubs World Series feats—the first home World Series win since 1945, of course—and those who have watched […]


Second City October: World Series Game Five Preview, Cleveland (3-1) at Cubs (1-3)

Here, almost as succinctly as I can put it, is everything we know about Game Five: It will be October 30th, the latest in the year the Cubs have played a game in franchise history. Jon Lester will start against Trevor Bauer, so the Cubs will once again have the advantage in the pitching matchup, playoff […]


Second City October: Backs Against The Wall

The Cubs entered Game 4 of the World Series in an unexpected—albeit familiar—position: down 2-1 and desperately needing a slumping offense to awaken. Tonight’s challenge was exacerbated by facing the indomitable Corey Kluber, the former Cy Young winner who shut them down in Game 1. The wind reversed from last night, steadily blowing in and […]


Second City October: A Wrigley Renaissance, And a Tough Loss

Game 3 featured two of the softest-tossing right-handed starters in the game, with Cleveland’s Josh Tomlin (87.8 mph average fastball) and Chicago’s starter Kyle Hendricks (89.9) squaring off in the momentous contest. Game conditions were a classic Wrigley Field experience, with gusting winds between 20-40 mph blowing straight out. The scene was everything you could […]


Second City October: World Series Game Three Preview, Cleveland (1-1) at Cubs (1-1)

The Wrigleyville neighborhood has long been known for its restraint and overall calm demeanor on the Friday night of Halloween weekend. So, really, why should we expect any different for Game Three of the World Series? The Cubs averaged eights run a game during the final three games of the NLCS, and after failing to cash […]