NLCS Game Four Recap: Cubs 3, Dodgers 2

Two years ago, the Cubs defeated the Pittsburgh Pirates in the NL Wild Card game, earning the chance to square off with the St. Louis Cardinals in the Division Series. Jake Arrieta, fresh off his historic 2015 second half, shut out the Pirates for nine innings, striking out eleven Pittsburgh hitters and earning his place […]


Second City October: NLCS Game Four, The Snake Makes His Exit

Jake Arrieta has inspired awe and poetic rhapsodizing more than any other Cubs player in the past few years. With his bushy beard, stolid physique, and no-hit stuff, it was hard to resist Arrieta’s allure as a pitcher—on any given evening, Arrieta could crossfire his way to a complete game shutout with a dozen strikeouts. […]


Second City October: NLCS Game One, Cubs (0-0) at Dodgers (0-0)

The war of attrition that was NLDS Game Five in Washington is over. Choose your analogy: General Grant wearing down opposing forces, Virgil shepherding Dante through the nine circles of Hell—they all fit. In the end, it was a big ol’ goofy end to a lean and mean series, with pitchers being worked through the […]


NLDS Game Four Recap: Nationals 5, Cubs 0

What You Need to Know: After over 24 hours of confusion, hand wringing, and conspiracy theories about mold and cold hotel rooms, Stephen Strasburg finally got the call to pitch Game Four for the Nats. And did he pitch. The Cubs’ hitters looked helpless against the righty’s curveball the first time around and his changeup […]