Can Participating in the Derby Hurt a Player’s Offensive Production?

Last week, it was announced that both Anthony Rizzo and Kris Bryant would participate in the Home Run Derby at the All-Star Game, and since they’re both going to be in Cincinnati anyway, why not? Almost immediately, consternation materialized as concerns mounted as to whether there might be deleterious effects by participating. With the explosion […]


It’s Been a Long Time Since Chicago Cubs Fans Had a Rooting Interest in the Home Run Derby

The 2004 Chicago Cubs season was a peculiar thing.┬áThe surprise and excitement of 2003 gave way to the … things that happened in the playoffs, but the formerly woeful and downtrodden Cubs came into 2004 a sudden favorite. And why not? Mark Prior, Kerry Wood, and Carlos Zambrano were on the rise. The Derrek Lee, […]