MLB: St. Louis Cardinals at Chicago Cubs

Will Miguel Montero Benefit from a Three-Catcher Rotation?

When discussing correlations in the baseball world, I’ve found that you’re pretty much never going to be able to convince everyone up front that you’re not pointing out a causal relationship. If you mention a correlation—no matter the sample size or your caveats—folks will invariably laud you as having discovered the explanation for something, or (on the other hand) […]


Cubs’ Triple-A 40-Man’ers Could Contribute One Way or Another

As teams around baseball scramble this time of year to self-identify as buyers, sellers, or something more nuanced, every organization is looking ahead to August and September, and, in many cases, beyond. Will we get enough production from our 25-man roster to stay in contention? Will we need to go outside the organization to make […]


It’s Been a Long Time Since Chicago Cubs Fans Had a Rooting Interest in the Home Run Derby

The 2004 Chicago Cubs season was a peculiar thing. The surprise and excitement of 2003 gave way to the … things that happened in the playoffs, but the formerly woeful and downtrodden Cubs came into 2004 a sudden favorite. And why not? Mark Prior, Kerry Wood, and Carlos Zambrano were on the rise. The Derrek Lee, […]


With the Full Bleachers Open, Wrigley Field Seating Availability is Back to Capacity

“Then on a diet of the blood of snakes, toads, and all the putrid life of the Mississippi, slowly, Lestat became something like himself again. Claudia … You’ve been a very, very, naughty little girl.” Aside from being a pretty-close-to-iconic line at a pretty-much-fantastic moment in a pretty-darn-good movie, that line is what comes into […]


The Cubs Have Been Brutally Bad with Runners in Scoring Position So Far This Season

Photo courtesy of Caylor Arnold-USA TODAY Sports Did you notice that the Chicago Cubs went a week without notching a hit with runners in scoring position last week? It’s true. From Friday—the Matt Szczur “single” on which Gregory Polanco did the chicken dance—until the following Friday, the Cubs went through an 0-for-31 stretch with runners […]