Rhodes, Mateo, and More: Former Cubs Playing in Japan in 2016

One of the things I’ve learned about recently is Cubs fans’ strange obsession with nostalgia, especially from dark eras in franchise history. In an effort to meet that need, I’ve already written one nostalgia-fueled piece on this site—my debut here at BP Wrigleyville. But why stop there? Why don’t we bring back more (mostly bitter) memories of the […]


Hello Again, Old Ginger Friend: What Might Matt Murton Be for the Cubs?

Time is, indeed, a flat circle. Last Wednesday night, reports emerged that the Cubs have signed Matt Murton to a minor league deal, thus reuniting with the Georgia Tech product for the first time since 2008. Upon hearing of the expected reunion, Cubs Twitter descended into what can only be described as bouts of sheer happiness. So, let’s talk about Matt […]