Game 13 Recap: Brewers 6, Cubs 3

What you need to know: Paging Commissioner Manfred! The Cubs have a new idea for quickening the pace of play: Skip the 8th inning. Mike Montgomery fell victim to the hot-hot-hot Eric Thames-Ryan Braun duo (“Thraun”?) surrendering two runs in the 8th inning today. Thraun was more than the Cubs could handle, with 2 home runs, 2 […]


How Did Pedro Strop Make More than Dellin Betances in Arbitration?

Baseball arbitration, compared to alternative means of resolving management-labor disputes, represents a remarkable success. At the same time, watching how salary arbitration played out for Pedro Strop as compared to the Yankees’ Dellin Betances, one of the few flaws in the system became apparent. A brief history of baseball arbitration MLB’s salary arbitration system came […]


Addy’s 2016 postseason adjustment is carrying over to spring training and that is a very good thing

It’s funny to describe a player who amassed 3.86 wins above replacement last year as a breakout candidate. Baseball is chock full of good players who contributed that much to their teams’ success. For instance, David Ortiz (3.88) and Dexter Fowler (3.62). And yet, many observers, including a majority of the BP Wrigleycast crew, have pegged […]