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Game 48 Recap: Cubs 7 Phillies 2

This game–and this whole series, really–went about as expected, given what we think we know about the Phillies and Cubs. The former were projected to be quite bad, and while they’ve won more than half their games thus far, they’re still bad. The latter were projected to be quite good, and they’ve been very, very […]


In Glory, Arrieta’s Four Moments of Imperfection

Your first thought or impression upon hearing about a no-hitter, either in-progress or completed, is probably something like “Wow!” That covers thoughts two through twelve, too–general feelings of astonishment and excitement at the possibility or completion of a historic feat. Around thought fifteen context starts to creep in, which cuts in every direction; e.g., “this is […]


Game 6 Recap: Cubs 7 Diamondbacks 3

It was an exciting game in Arizona on Sunday afternoon, featuring home runs, near-home runs, pitcher home runs, and a Chicago offense that continues to look nigh unstoppable. Jake Arrieta pitched like a mere mortal instead of his demigod self of 2015, but mortal is plenty good enough when backed by an offense as dangerous as this […]