Second City October: They’re Back, Baby

This piece, written by BP Wrigleyville’s Isaac Bennett, forms part of our in-house coverage of the Cubs in the playoffs, “Second City October.” Additional Game Four coverage can be found here. The Cubs entered tonight’s Game 4 of the National League Championship Series in a familiar position. Last year against the Cardinals, they needed to […]


Second City October: Finding Confidence In The Cubs’ Depth

I loved Aramis Ramirez. For nearly a decade he solved the Cubs’ riddle known at the hot corner, a vacuous wasteland for much of three decades after being vacated in the early ’70’s by the incomparable Ron Santo. Ramirez could hit anyone’s best heat, while still punishing breaking stuff that had even the slightest hint of loose spin. […]


Things That Scare Me; Things That Don’t

Being something resembling a serious analyst essentially requires an immediate surrendering of your “fan card.” It is for good reason, as fans tend to see things through their own biased lenses, failing to care about rational analysis during emotional moments. At BP Wrigleyville, the majority—but not the entirety—of the staff are Cubs fans. We aren’t […]