Game 13 Recap: Brewers 6, Cubs 3

What you need to know: Paging Commissioner Manfred! The Cubs have a new idea for quickening the pace of play: Skip the 8th inning. Mike Montgomery fell victim to the hot-hot-hot Eric Thames-Ryan Braun duo (“Thraun”?) surrendering two runs in the 8th inning today. Thraun was more than the Cubs could handle, with 2 home runs, 2 […]

Chicago Daily Tribune, Deceber 19, 1915

The Early Development Of Cubs Marketing

When William Wrigley took a majority share of the Cubs in 1921, he transformed the way baseball was advertised. He dedicated himself to increasing the game’s appeal and pulling in a diverse audience. Through the introduction of Ladies’ Day and the radio broadcast of every Cubs’ game, Wrigley’s innovations redefined both baseball and marketing. The […]