Addison’s July Of Discontent

Addison Russell’s season certainly has had an up-and-down quality to it. His April basically ended up in a puddle, as he was trying out a new approach and using the opposite field more and more. That led to a pretty spirited May and June, with that new approach paying off and pitchers having to return […]


On Javy Baez’s Chances at an MVP

Javier Báez is a legitimate candidate for the National League Most Valuable Player award. On a team with Kris Bryant, Anthony Rizzo, and Willson Contreras, each elite at their respective positions, it’s Báez who has garnered the most frequent discussion in the MVP talks. And while there’s still a good chunk of the season to […]


The Table Is Set, The Pieces Are Moving

The trade deadline has passed, and while some things might happen between now and the waiver deadline of August 31st, we basically know what every team is going to crash with toward the wire. So let’s reset the field, see who’s better off and who is… well, the Brewers. Central Cubs: We broke down the Hamels trade […]


Game 106 Recap: Pirates 5, Cubs 4, Replay 0

They say you can learn something new at every baseball game, and that certainly held true tonight. For example, before this evening’s Cubs/Pirates clash, did you know that if TV can’t show an angle that definitely shows Addison Russell was out at third base in the ninth inning, the MLB replay office can just make […]