And the Winner Is: A Look at the NL MVP Race

The 2017 season has come┬áto an end this weekend which means the postseason and season awards are right around the corner. The Most Valuable Player awards are always a fun and thought-provoking debate, and this year’s will be no different. While the American League has three or four legitimate candidates (Altuve, Judge, Kluber, Trout), the […]


Juiced Baseballs Clouding the Joy in Elevated Home Run Rate

At this point, it’s accepted that there’s something up with the baseballs that are being used by Major League Baseball┬áthis season. We see home run totals on record paces, seemingly every pitcher’s HR/FB rate is up, and pitchers are basically telling us they’re throwing Slazengers and can’t get quite the feel they used to. And […]