MLB: NLCS-New York Mets at Chicago Cubs

After Fowler’s Return, Making Time for Jorge Soler

Perhaps my inclination to root for the underdog, the outsider, is a large part of why I’m a Cubs fan in the first place. It probably also explains why, after working through the stages of processing Thursday’s Cubs roster moves (disbelief, confusion, surprise, joy), one of the first things I thought about was what this […]


Dexter Fowler Re-Signs With the Chicago Cubs: How Does Their Outfield Work Now?

Dexter Fowler is a Chicago Cub again, after some kind of pro wrestling story arc played out over┬áthe course of perhaps 45 minutes on Thursday afternoon. Which, wow. There’s a lot of emotion here. That’s what makes this story so fascinating, and we’ll have a lot more coming on the site here in the next […]