Schwarber Demotion, Heyward Injury Pressure Cubs to Remake Outfield

We here at BP Wrigleyville are allergic to the hot take. We prefer measured analysis, historical analysis, analysis of analyses. We don’t publish news, we don’t break news, we rarely comment on players being sent down or called up, except in the instance of them being parts of larger processes. But, oh boy, Kyle Schwarber […]


Dexter Fowler Re-Signs With the Chicago Cubs: How Does Their Outfield Work Now?

Dexter Fowler is a Chicago Cub again, after some kind of pro wrestling story arc played out over the course of perhaps 45 minutes on Thursday afternoon. Which, wow. There’s a lot of emotion here. That’s what makes this story so fascinating, and we’ll have a lot more coming on the site here in the next […]


Life at the Margins in the Cubs’ Outfield

The Cubs, it appears, are done with their major offseason moves. That’s not a bad thing—lord knows they’ve done enough already—but it does mean that the present period, running roughly between the end of Cubs Convention and the beginning of Spring Training, lacks a certain something when it comes to news. Namely, news. But that doesn’t mean that […]

MLB: Los Angeles Dodgers at Chicago Cubs

Cubs Look for Runs in the Outfield, Try Not to Lose Any

Imagine you’re in charge of a health intervention, and you have the choice of two programs to implement over a population of 600 people. If you implement Program A, there’s a 100 percent chance that you’ll save 200 lives, but a zero percent chance that you’ll save the other 400. If you implement Program B, on […]