Second City October: NLDS Game Two Preview, Giants (0-1) at Cubs (1-0)

I’m tempted to lead this preview with Things We Learned From Game One, but baseball doesn’t really work like that. Johnny Cueto is really good; Jon Lester is really, really good; Kelby Tomlinson wears glasses and has a weird name; Javy Baez hits some sweet dingers. (For a somewhat less pithy recap, check out Henry […]


Second City October: NLDS Game One Preview, Giants (0-0) at Cubs (0-0)

Well! It’s finally the actual day. There’s been a lot of previewing and a lot of anticipating and a lot of planning, and today, we get to actually watch some baseball get played. Let’s get right to it. Starting Pitching Jon Lester (202.7 IP/2.44 ERA/3.10 DRA) vs. Johnny Cueto (219.7 IP/2.79 ERA/3.54 DRA) It’s a […]