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The 2018 Draft Is Shaping Up to Be an Important One for the Cubs

On January 26th, baseball practice began for many NCAA Division I schools. In just two weeks, play will begin. Then, in just a little over four months, Major League Baseball will hold its annual amateur draft. The Cubs will have their first-round selection at number 24 and they will likely have two compensation picks between […]


What Draft Strategy Could the Cubs Have for 2017?

After the 2021 season, most of the Cubs’ current position players will conclude their initial contracts. Somewhere, somehow, there will have to be position players ready to take their place as the Cubs will not be able to afford all those free agents. Will the 2017 draft be when the Cubs start reloading for that […]


Prospectus Q&A: Jason McLeod, Cubs VP of Player Development and Amateur Scouting

The following Q&A, conducted by BP’s Tim Britton (also of the Providence Journal) originally ran on the main site today. We think you’ll enjoy it, too, so we’ve posted a portion here. For the full interview, please head on over to the main site. Jason McLeod’s first-ever draft pick as a scouting director was Dustin Pedroia, 65th […]