Starlin Waiting In the Sky

There was really no way Starlin could win. He was called up to a simply awful Cubs team, and fans needed something, anything to feel good about. Even if it was this incredibly young, incredibly raw, incredibly rushed through the system  talent. Obviously, his debut game only made things worse in the end, kind of […]


From BP: Cubs Implement Flextime

Over at our main site, Wrigleyville’s Editor-in-Chief Sahadev Sharma wrote up the Cubs’ acquisition of Ben Zobrist, Adam Warren, and Brendan Ryan. The full story is available only to paying subscribers, but we thought you’d enjoy this preview here.  Barely an hour before news broke Tuesday night that the Cubs had made multiple moves, Theo Epstein […]


Cubs Player Profile: Starlin Castro

Position: Second base/Shortstop 2015 Stats: .265/.296/.375, .243 TAv, 1.5 WARP Year in Review: After Zack Moser’s profile of Addison Russell on Tuesday, we now turn to the player that Russell ostensibly replaced: Starlin Castro. The full-season stats you see above aren’t exactly misleading, but it truly was a tale of two seasons for the enigmatic Castro in 2015. It might […]

MLB: Chicago Cubs at Detroit Tigers

That’s So Cub: A Look at the Top September Contributors and Moments

It’s the beginning of October, which not only means that Halloween is around the corner and you might even hear the first ominous tinkle of mall Christmas music, but also that I, as I have since the beginning of time the beginning of the season, will sit down and write about the top Cubs’ contributors and moments from the previous […]