MLB: Chicago Cubs at Cincinnati Reds

Cubs Player Profile: Carl Edwards, Jr.

Position: Relief Pitcher 2015 Stats: 4 2/3 IP, 6.24 DRA, 3.86 ERA 21.1 K%, 15.8 BB% Year in Review: When it comes to Carl Edwards, Jr. and the 2015 season that he just had, stats are sort of beside the point. Oh, he threw 4 2/3 innings of regular-season ball? That’s interesting. I’ll leave it to you to draw whatever you […]


From BP: Transaction Analysis—No Laughing Matter

This piece, written by BP Wrigleyville’s Editor-in-Chief Sahadev Sharma, originally appeared on Baseball Prospectus and is available exclusively to BP subscribers. We hope you enjoy this preview here. Signed OF Jason Heyward to an eight-year deal worth $184 million. [12/11] Outside the organization, outside the city, around baseball, the story is the Cubs are coming […]

MLB: NLDS-Chicago Cubs at St. Louis Cardinals

From BP: Make That Three Areas of Weakness

Over at our main site, Wrigleyville’s Editor-in-Chief Sahadev Sharma joined forces with George Bissell to write up the Cubs’ acquisition of John Lackey. The full story is available only to paying subscribers, but we thought you’d enjoy this preview here.  Soon after the Cubs were eliminated from the playoffs, Theo Epstein made it clear that […]