Second City October: State of the World Series—We’re Back, Baby

The Cubs finally sent the Wrigley faithful home with a home victory on Sunday night, the satisfying result of an ulcer-inducing crucible of a World Series game. It was yet another in a series of “first since X” Cubs World Series feats—the first home World Series win since 1945, of course—and those who have watched […]


Second City October: State of the Series—Here We Are Again

This series needed a laugher, didn’t it? For the first several innings of Game Five on Thursday night, it appeared that Kenta Maeda might stymie the Cubs’ bats just long enough to bridge the gap to the overworked bullpen. After he slipped the grip of a tense second inning, you would have been forgiven if […]


Second City October: The State of the Series

This piece, written by BP Wrigleyville’s Zack Moser,  forms part of our in-house coverage of the Cubs in the playoffs, “Second City October.” For more on Game Two, read Nate Greabe’s recap. Additional  playoff coverage will be found on BP Wrigleyville throughout the week. “He shall from time to time give to the Cubs Faithful information to the […]