The Best of BP Wrigleyville in 2016

It’s been a phenomenal year for Cubs fans, and the staff here at BP Wrigleyville has thoroughly enjoyed the privilege of playing a part in the experience of the 2016 Cubs season.

As we bring this year to a close, we’re excited to share our self-selected favorite work from the past year. We hope you enjoy taking a look back at a few pieces our writers are proud of:

Tommy Meyers: Game 159 Recap: Cubs 1 Pirates 1…A Tie?!? – September 29

Kazuto Yamazaki: Revisiting the Cubs’ 2001 Draft – June 14

Nate Greabe: Second City October: World Series Game Five Preview, Cleveland (3-1) at Cubs (1-3) – October 30

Carlos Portocarrero: The Rajai Davis HR, Emotions, and Objectivity – November 4

Cat Garcia: What Does the Cubs’ Hot April Mean for October? – May 19

Ken Schultz: Second City October: Cubs Win The Pennant – October 23

Andrew Felper: Series Preview: Cubs vs. Rangers, July 15-17 – July 15

Caitlin Swieca: Aroldis Chapman, Morality In Sports, and The Final Out of the World Series – November 9

Isaac Bennett: Skill, Not Luck: Kyle Hendricks Edition – July 5

Clarissa Young: Let It Flow: The Psychology of Joe Maddon’s Cubs – March 7

Leigh Coridan: The Only Direction Ben Zobrist Sees Is Up – May 27

Mike Banghart: An Old Idea As New: Let’s Turn This Thing Down to Eleven – June 22

Jared Wyllys: Weathering a Storm: The Mental Strength of Jon Lester – March 24

Zack Moser: Jake Arrieta is Full of the Ghosts of Poets Past – May 31

Matt Petitt: Chicken or the Egg: Why It’s Hard to Separate the Cubs’ Pitching From Its Defense – September 23

Our goal all year has been to conistently put out quality content, and we are excited for that to continue in 2017!

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