Playoff Prospectus: Lessons Learned and Bullpens Burned

The piece previewed here, written by Baseball Prospectus’s Trevor Strunk, forms part of the main site’s comprehensive coverage of the playoffs, “Playoff Prospectus.” Additional Game Five coverage, exclusive to BP Wrigleyville, can be found here, under the name “Second City October”. The Cubs have had a not-so-quiet concern this postseason, an unsure refrain that has been […]


Second City October: On The Brink

This piece, written by BP Wrigleyville’s Clarissa Young, forms part of our in-house coverage of the Cubs in the playoffs, “Second City October.” Additional Game Five coverage can be found here. With the series tied 2-2, the Dodgers entered Thursday night’s contest armed with a handful of strategies designed to tip the scales and trigger an […]


Second City October: NLCS Game Five Preview, Cubs (2-2) at Dodgers (2-2)

The sleeping giant has woken. You can be forgiven if you forgot just how good this team was during a 21-inning scoreless streak. After all, nothing makes a team look flatter than a slumping offense, and there were more than a few folks out there starting to write their “I told you so’s” about this team. […]