It’s Time for the Cubs to Act Like the Dodgers: Part 1, Pitching

“This isn’t the Windy City. This is the economic hurricane in Chicago of what the Cubs have done.” -Scott Boras, 11/15/17 After multiple trades over the last two years, most notably for Aroldis Chapman and Jose Quintana, the Cubs’ prospect depth is gone. It’s now on their major leaguer roster, giving them extremely talented and […]


Second City October: Mike Montgomery’s Brilliance Not To Be Missed

October makes everything about baseball feel big, and nothing more so than emotions. We live for the big moments—the emotional highs and lows—and so the playoffs can be a time during which quiet, sturdy performances get easily overlooked. They shouldn’t be. And left-handed long relievers and spot starters are not usually the glamour players, but Cubs lefty […]