MLB: Colorado Rockies at Chicago Cubs

Cubs Player Profile: Pedro Strop

Position: Relief Pitcher 2015 Stats: 68 IP, 2.67 DRA, 2.91 ERA, 30.0 K%, 10.7 BB%, 1.6 WARP Year In Review: Nobody seems to take it too seriously, but the Cubs actually had an excellent bullpen in 2015—their 3.38 ‘pen ERA was fourth in the National League, behind the Cardinals, Pirates, and Giants—and Strop was a major contributor to […]

MLB: Chicago Cubs at Cincinnati Reds

Cubs Player Profile: Carl Edwards, Jr.

Position: Relief Pitcher 2015 Stats: 4 2/3 IP, 6.24 DRA, 3.86 ERA 21.1 K%, 15.8 BB% Year in Review: When it comes to Carl Edwards, Jr. and the 2015 season that he just had, stats are sort of beside the point. Oh, he threw 4 2/3 innings of regular-season ball? That’s interesting. I’ll leave it to you to draw whatever you […]

MLB: Tampa Bay Rays at Chicago Cubs

Creating Depth and Versatility, Cubs Build on Strong Present

The question of how to improve a youthful, 97-win, NLCS-reaching baseball team has been the driving force behind our work here at BP Wrigleyville this offseason, and we’ve generally tackled it in terms of identifiable weaknesses of the 2015 Cubs: contact hitting, outfield defense, and starting pitching beyond their two aces. But the 2015 Cubs […]

MLB: Cincinnati Reds at Chicago Cubs

Cubs Player Profile: Kyle Schwarber

Kyle Schwarber Position: That’s a good question. Probably outfield. 2015 Stats: 69 G, 273 PA, .246/.355/.487, .307 TAv, 1.9 WARP Year in Review: Kyle Schwarber impressed the Cubs’ brass from the moment they first met him, in February of 2014. That month, Schwarber’s Indiana Hoosiers traveled to Arizona for a series of springtime games against Washington, Utah, and Oregon […]