Tsuyoshi Wada: Man of Mystery

Three. It’s a magical number. It can refer to blind mice, Musketeers, the members of either Destiny’s Child or Hanson, or, perhaps most relevant to your short time on this earth, the whole number of innings Tsuyoshi Wada, starting pitcher for the Chicago Cubs, has managed to throw in each of his last two outings. […]


Using Three to Make Two

Photo courtesy of David Banks-USA TODAY Sports As the Cubs’ rotation stands right now, they’ve got three (sorry Edwin Jackson) back-end starters on the roster in Kyle Hendricks, Travis Wood, and Tsuyoshi Wada. With conventional usage, Hendricks and Wada are traditional starting pitchers who will be expected to toss at least six innings before turning […]


What’s Up With: Tsuyoshi Wada

Photo courtesy of David Banks-USA TODAY Sports For reasons that I cannot fully comprehend—and of whose nature little, in fact, is known to modern science—I have carved out something of a niche for myself on this site in profiling the more anonymous members of the Cubs’ pitching corps, shortly before their fortunes decline. See, for […]