The Riot That Nobody Predicted

On August 25th, 1948, the House Un-American Activities Committee first televised one of its sessions, a stand-off between former State Department official, now-accused Soviet Spy Alger Hiss and former US Communist party member, now-Time Magazine editor Whittaker Chambers. The day, dubbed “Confrontation Day,” grabbed national headlines across the country, promising to be the first of many […]

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The Cubs and Moby Dick

“Weeghman, Weeghman, Federal man Make me a contract as fast as you can, Pad it and sign it and mark it O.K. And I’ll go to the majors and ask for more pay.” It’s no secret that Theo Epstein has been enamoured by Anthony Rizzo for the entirety of Rizzo’s career, first drafting him with […]


Yosh Kawano and Japanese American Baseball

“He became an icon. I don’t know how many clubbies can say that.” -Ryne Sandberg on Yosh Kawano Many of us who have attended a game at Wrigley Field have spent several moments admiring the flags flapping in the breeze and breathing in the smell of history emanating from every nook and cranny. We can […]