Chicago’s Poor and Baseball at the Turn of the Century

The Chicago of the mid-1800s that prided itself on its cleanliness and relatively high standard of living for its poor had disappeared by the turn of the century. Connecting the East, South, and West, Chicago rapidly bloomed due to the expansion of the railroad, its population growing from 360,000 in the 1880s to 1.7 million […]


Game 42 Recap: Reds 5, Cubs 4

The first game of a doubleheader going to extras after your starter lasting only five innings is, uh, generally Not Great, and it certainly led to a frustrating loss this afternoon. What You Need To Know: Much of the game was a back-and-forth affair with the Reds taking the lead in the first and fourth […]


A Game With The 1890s Cubs

On January 31st, 1898, writing about Cap Anson’s retirement from baseball, the Chicago Tribune declared, “an epoc of baseball is finished,” and, like the great prophets, Anson was “left without honor in his own land.” Though the decade obviously continued for another two years, the 1890s Chicago baseball team was, in the eyes of the […]