Chicago’s Poor and Baseball at the Turn of the Century

The Chicago of the mid-1800s that prided itself on its cleanliness and relatively high standard of living for its poor had disappeared by the turn of the century. Connecting the East, South, and West, Chicago rapidly bloomed due to the expansion of the railroad, its population growing from 360,000 in the 1880s to 1.7 million […]


Second City October: Keeping an Eye on the Cubs ‘Pen

This piece, written by BP Wrigleyville’s Cat Garcia, forms part of our in-house coverage of the Cubs in the playoffs, “Second City October”. The outcome has been decided. The Cubs won’t enjoy vengeful rematch with the Mets this weekend at Wrigley Field. Instead, they’ll be facing the San Francisco Giants. The wave of apprehension that blanketed the Cubs fanbase […]