MLB: Kansas City Royals at Minnesota Twins

Ben Zobrist: Potential Offseason Target

Ben Zobrist Position: 2B/SS/RF, occasionally LF/CF/3B/1B. Essentially, every position except catcher or pitcher. 2015 Stats: .276/.359/.450, 13 HR, 11.6 BB%, 10.5 K%, .295 TAv, 3.0 WARP How He Fits: It’s good to be great. That statement seems axiomatic enough that I’ll leave it here without further justification, and move on to a second—and perhaps more controversial—claim: that it might be just […]


Jordan Zimmermann: Potential Offseason Target

Jordan Zimmermann Position: Right-handed SP 2015 Stats: 201.0 IP, 19.7 K%, 4.7 BB%, 3.66 ERA, 4.12 DRA How He Fits: The Cubs are well off in terms of their solid, top of the rotation type pitchers. While Jon Lester may not have been able to reach the hype bar that everyone had set for him in the offseason, he put up quality numbers, he stayed […]