Two Go, We Go: Could Dexter Fowler Better Serve the Cubs Batting Second?

Joe Maddon’s quippy, screen print-friendly words of advice and encouragement to his players can be a bit tedious at times. “Try Not to Suck” is a winner. “Respect 90″ is basic, but strong. “Do Simple Better” and “The Process is Fearless” encapsulate these Cubs so wonderfully, one can excuse the fact that they’re inherited Maddonisms, […]


You Go, We Go: How Dexter Fowler Is Helping Set the Tone For The Cubs’ Brilliant Start

It’s not news to say that this Cubs’ lineup is extremely disciplined. In fact, some even believe that this could be the most disciplined lineup ever. Even if you don’t agree with that bold of a statement, it’s hard to deny the facts. Though the season is still in its infancy, the new-look Cubs are seeing an average of 3.97 […]


From BP: Transaction Analysis — Fowler Comes in Way Under Budget

Over at the Baseball Prospectus main site, BP Wrigleyville’s Editor-in-Chief, Rian Watt, analyzed the Dexter Fowler deal. We thought you’d enjoy a preview here. Well. There is a great deal to talk about with respect to this transaction, and only some of it has to do with the deal’s baseball implications. There’s the fact that, a […]

MLB: NLCS-New York Mets at Chicago Cubs

After Fowler’s Return, Making Time for Jorge Soler

Perhaps my inclination to root for the underdog, the outsider, is a large part of why I’m a Cubs fan in the first place. It probably also explains why, after working through the stages of processing Thursday’s Cubs roster moves (disbelief, confusion, surprise, joy), one of the first things I thought about was what this […]


Chaos in the Outfield Brings Relative Clarity to Cubs’ Infield Situation

The Cubs’ unexpected trade of Chris Coghlan and re-signing of Dexter Fowler blew up expectations for the outfield. They are now (happily) muddled, and I (happily) left that hard stuff for Matthew Trueblood to sort out. On the infield side, though, these moves actually serve to clarify the Cubs’ roster. Several players whose roles were unclear […]


Cubs Player Profile: Dexter Fowler, Potential Offseason Target

On the night when Jake Arrieta threw his no-hitter and the Cubs all donned pajamas for the long flight home to Chicago, a lot of players got love for their embrace of Joe Maddon’s favorite shtick. Arrieta himself stole the show, of course, not only with his on-field performance, but with the mustache-covered onesie he […]