NLCS Game 5: Dodgers 11, Cubs 1

It is official. We now have scientific proof. 2016 >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> 2017. Unfortunately, the 2017 Dodgers are also > the 2017 Cubs. Tonight was going to be a tough task with the Cubs taking on Clayton Kershaw in an elimination game. As you know, Kershaw is the modern day Sandy Koufax, so the best conceivable strategy […]


Second City October: NLDS Game Five, Cubs (2-2) at Nationals (2-2)

It always seemed destined to end up like this. Before the series, every preview you saw or went through in your own head made it awfully hard to split these two teams. Similar offenses, rotations that though they go about it differently are just about as solid, and deep pens. The games themselves haven’t varied […]


Second City October: World Series Game Five Preview, Cleveland (3-1) at Cubs (1-3)

Here, almost as succinctly as I can put it, is everything we know about Game Five: It will be October 30th, the latest in the year the Cubs have played a game in franchise history. Jon Lester will start against Trevor Bauer, so the Cubs will once again have the advantage in the pitching matchup, playoff […]


Playoff Prospectus: PECOTA Odds and World Series Game 5 Preview

This piece, written by Baseball Prospectus’s Editor-in-Chief Aaron Gleeman, forms part of the main site’s comprehensive coverage of the postseason, “Playoff Prospectus”. One night after Corey Kluber and the rest of the Cleveland squad put them on the brink of elimination, the Cubs turn to their own playoff-tested ace, Jon Lester, to keep their season alive […]