Javier Baez, Refined

The prospect of some positional comfort going into his mid-30s, after years of being moved all over the diamond, helped lure Ben Zobrist to the Cubs this past offseason. He had been promised the starting second base job and a reunion with his old skipper, a situation in which he was poised to succeed, but […]

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Bryant’s Sophomore Statement: Warm is the New Hot

“We have Kris Bryant, and you don’t.” Typically, it’s a trademark majestic bomb that motivates the popular fan jibe, but on June 27, 2016, it was three of them, plus two doubles thrown in for good measure. On that night, at least, Kris Bryant’s awesome offensive firepower was the story du jour. But closer observation revealed a more striking trend. Through a purposeful effort […]


Calling For Help From Our Old Friend, Chris Coghlan

When Dexter Fowler shocked the baseball world and returned to the Cubs during Spring Training in late February, it created a glut in the Cubs’ outfield. Jason Heyward was the premier offseason free agent signing, he would start in right field. Jorge Soler and Kyle Schwarber—the hotshot kids—needed regular playing time. Fowler would of course start […]