What History Says When You Start Four Rookies

I was listening to 670 The Score on Monday afternoon when Dan Bernstein asked whether a team that started four rookies had ever made the playoffs. I enjoy researching these types of questions, and Dan did leave quite a bit to the imagination. I chose to define “rookie” using the filter in the Baseball-Reference Play […]


The 2015 Cubs Are the Most Talented Cubs Team at the Break Since 2008

Abstraction is an analytical tool that, almost by definition, is very bad at explaining individual events but very good at explaining the big picture. Meanwhile, talent—and specifically, talent which is related to playing baseball—is almost certainly something best understood at the macro level. It makes sense, then, that the more you abstract from actual results […]


Can Participating in the Derby Hurt a Player’s Offensive Production?

Last week, it was announced that both Anthony Rizzo and Kris Bryant would participate in the Home Run Derby at the All-Star Game, and since they’re both going to be in Cincinnati anyway, why not? Almost immediately, consternation materialized as concerns mounted as to whether there might be deleterious effects by participating. With the explosion […]