Grimm’s Decline

Two years ago, I wrote my second feature ever at BP Wrigleyville about Justin Grimm’s newfound success after he ditched his slider for a curveball. His 2015 and 2016 seasons were improvements on a breakout 2014, as he struck out around 30 percent of hitters while allowing few home runs. After two seasons of making […]


The Bullpen: Not the Achilles Heel You’re Looking For

The irony of the legend of Achilles is that his name, far from being a symbol of strength, is now largely associated with the notion of a single critical vulnerability. And, more to the point, whenever we’re confronted with something that strikes us as without weakness, our minds immediately flit to the young demigod, dipped by […]


Embrace the Target: The Cubs’ Bullpen Options Are Good in 2016, Pt. I

Last week, I wrote about the wealth of bench options the Cubs have available to them in 2016. Happily, the team finds itself in exactly the same circumstances with respect to its bullpen, which is loaded with dozens of pitchers competing for just a few spots. Sure, the final composition of the ‘pen isn’t locked in […]